Milton Fisher and his Vision

Milton Fisher was born and educated in New York City and made his home in Connecticut from 1960 until his death in 2001. He was an attorney and an investment banker who also taught a unique course for adults called "Applied Creativity" for over 25 years. The popular class focused less on creativity as expressed in the arts (as it is often understood), and more on helping people be more creative in all aspects of their lives, developing creative problem-solving skills and innovative approaches to challenges that they faced individually, or that faced their community. His deep interest in the roots of creativity, and the many the exercises he developed to help people become more innovative and creative in their lives, also led him to write the book "Intuition: How to Use it in your Life", which has been translated into several languages. He was also a world-class matchmaker (something he did for the joy of it--never for money) who was profiled in US Magazine for his skill at intuitively bringing together so many couples who embarked on happy marriages as a result. (He wrote about his experiences as a matchmaker in his book, "Haven't You Been Single Long Enough?" ) He served on the boards of several public companies, and wrote two books about Wall Street. He was known for his irrepressible sense of humor, his brilliant insights into people and their problems, and his zest for making the world better in both small ways and large.